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Q) What is Early Renewal pricing? 
A) To honor those customers who continue to tan month after month we give an “early renewal discount”. All you have to do is purchase next months package before the first one ends and you save the money. The new package starts when first used not at time of purchase.
Q) Does lotion really help?
A) YES!! It helps you tan up to 50% off. Lotion moisturizes skin to prepare it for the tan. Dry skins reflects and exfoliates faster. Moist skin absorbs and helps maintains natural exfoliation process. 
Q) What is the difference between POINTS and MONTHLY?
A) Points are designed for customers who tan 1x or less per week. They last for 2 years or until used. Each bed is assigned an amount of points, deducting each time you tan. Monthly is better for customers who tan 2x or more per week, expiring on the specific amount of days purchased 
Q) How long does the VersaSpa Spray Tan Last? 
A) 7-10 days assuming you don’t use any exfoilates on your skin. It is the darkest the first days and gradual fades. 
Q) Will I turn orange with the VersaSpa Spray Tan?
A) Absolutely NOT! it is a beautiful sun kissed, natural looking tan. There is also 2 levels of darkness for different skin tones. 
Q) Do i have to buy a package to get my first tan FREE? 
A) Nope, sure don’t. In fact we don’t want you to buy a package before you try out our FREE Turbo Tan. We know once you try it you’ll never want to use another bed. We will even give you 25% off your first package to say thanks for trying us.
Q) Do you hold packages?
A) For medical reasons yes, must have doctors note or prescription. BUT if you tan at least 7 times on a 30 days unlimited if has already paid for itself over.  
Q) Can I share my package with someone else? 
A) Yes, You can share points but not unlimited packages
Q) Can I use your other locations with my packages?
A) Yes, Monthly packages can be used at other locations.
Q) Do I need an appointment?
A) Nope, no appointment needed, walking in works best.